HackCovid-19 v2

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Government is tackling problem of Covid-19 Pandemic. Can your team build solution of the problem in 18 Hours?

About HackCovid-19 v2

With the intention of helping people in these unfavourable conditions, we are committed to help directly by solving a specific problem in this hackathon, "HackCovid-19 v2", being powered by Sapio Analytics. This solution, when got selected, can directly go into use by Maharashtra government and other states' governments.

Date: 18 April to 19 April

Duration: 18 Hours

Time: SAT 11 AM - SUN 5 AM

When your Solution has Potential !!​

Work on Big

Approved Solution will go on for direct implementation by Maharashtra Goverment

Winners will get to do closely work with the state governments in their fight against COVID-19


Certification by Sapio Umbrella, a prominent government advisory firm

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Winning teams of HackCovid-19 v2

  • Srishty Choudhary
  • Ajinkya Deshmukh
  • Padmanabh Dani
  • Ashwini Kumar

Have questions in mind ?


No, We do not have any round of Idea submission. It is a problem based hackathon.


You will receive the problem statement on the D-Day on 18th April.


You can create your own team with 1 member.


Yes, every member has to register separately from the link.


We suggest you to create 2 teams and participate with 2 different ideas.


Each member has to fill the same registration form.


We suggest you to create 2 teams and participate with 2 different ideas.


You have to be online on Slack. Join Slack from the link being sent to you. An Internity volunteer will be in touch with you all the time.


HackCovid-19's excitement increases when it becomes interactive. Shout-out events are small events to be organized in between the event for you all. They will have scores attached to it which will be considered in pre-judegement.


Get recognition by Sapio Umbrella and grasp the opportunity to work on Government projects.


During the event, you can put on the common slack channel and the HackCovid-19 team will resolve the issue.


It is not appreciable to start late. Yes, you can start, although if you do, no extra time will be given to you.

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